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Iced Coffee, instead of a Coke

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Iced CoffeeIn the evening, sometimes I'm totally wiped out from the day or I have a headache and need some caffeine to get me through the evening. I usually just grab a coke. But lately, trying to eat and drink healthy, and not put on more excess fat, I've found a different solution. Its been hot this summer, and coffee, though usually my beverage of choice, has not been appealing. With my strong efforts to watch my caloric intake, I went for an iced coffee, black, as I usually take my morning hot coffee. And it was perfect. It did the trick, with some antioxidants to boot. It was a little more effort than just grabbing a can of coke out the of the fridge. I had to fill a glass with ice while my coffee was quickly making its way through the Keurig Coffee Maker. But then once I poured the coffee onto the ice, I had a wonderful low cal beverage to perk me back up for the evening.

I had forgotten how much I liked iced coffee. My mom used to make iced coffee for us instead of iced tea sometimes, and I always liked it much more than the iced tea, which I also liked.

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