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Peppermint Tea for Coughs

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm still running through the tail end of this cough. I bought some peppermint tea, which works really well at supressing my coughs and soothing my throat. It's just that I have to keep drinking it. After having a couple different long lasting colds, back to back, my body is getting so tired of coughing. I have had such bad coughing fits that I've thrown up from the stomach compression. I've hurt my throat so badly from coughing so much and so frequently.

That's when I finally gave up and decided to take some cough medicine (I had been avoiding it, since I'm breastfeeding). And finally, I have sprained my ribs or pulled some ab muscles/tendons 3 times, in 3 different places, due to coughing so much. I'm so ready to be done with this cough. A friend of mine used to warn me about catching a different viral cold while you are trying to get over one. I didn't realize how much of a pain it is!

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