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Pot Handle Burn

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I've got a couple of oven-safe Calphalon skillets, which I was just going to replace, since the are getting old. But I had an incident with one a few days ago. After searing the lamb chops on the skillet on the stove top, I put the skillet in the oven and let them bake at 400 degrees. When I took it out, I was careful to use oven mits, of course. But just seconds later, I grabbed the skillet handle with my bare hand and got quite a burn.

I ran my hand under cold water for what seemed like 5 minutes or so. When I looked at them, they were whitish, where the burns were. Across the middle of my hand, the base of my fingers as well as the tips. I had my husband (thank God he was home) puree an aloe vera leaf and put it in a plastic bag. I soaked my hand in that for a while. It felt really good. But after a couple hours or so, I went into urgent care because I dried it, tried to bandage it, and it was hurting!

By the time I got out of urgent care, it was stinging only a little bit. They said it was just a first degree burn and bandaged it up a bit. By the next morning, it felt a lot better. Still tender in the worst (most burnt) parts but much better. Today is the third day, and I'm almost back to normal. It still feels a little sensitive when I squeeze something really hard or carry something heavy but not bad.

I would have thought this would bother me for a couple of weeks and that I wouldn't be able to take care of my baby and toddler with this. But surprisingly it healed much more quickly than I thought it would. I wonder if it is because I soaked it in the pureed aloe vera leaf for 2 hours. 

I got some emu oil to put on it just to get the skin to go back to normal. The worst parts look a little like caluses. The dermatologist told me anyway that moisturized skin heals faster. So hopefully it works well.

Needless to say, I probably won't be doing any stove-to-oven cooking anymore... 

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