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Sleepy morning workout

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Pilates Toning RingWaking up for a 6am workout, that started in January of this year, didn't seem to last very long. It was a great plan, but it failed miserably because life happens. The dog stopped howling me awake at 6am. I was getting disturbed sleep from my son waking up throughout the nights. I had to take muscle relaxants at night to help with back and neck pain, which made me very groggy in the morning. I was lucky to wake up at 7 or 8 to get in a little workout. Many days, I would wake up around 9, at the same time as the kids, and miss my workout entirely. Without my consistent morning workouts, I was getting grumpy and badly out of shape. That's when I decided to reboot my workout effort and try to wake up at 6am again. Luckily, now with the sun rising around 5:30, it hasn't been too hard to get use to, after the initial first week or so.

Just Grab the Pilates Ring!

One of my favorite little workout props is a pilates ring. This simple little ring can wake up muscles in your legs that you didn't realize you had. And once you get those muscles going, you'll start to notice tone and shape in your legs that you didn't think you could ever get. You can accomplish a lot more muscle toning in just a few reps of this ring than doing tons of leg lifts. Adding this ring to my bridges and crunches gives me some extra leg toning while I'm building core strength. This ring is relatively small, inexpensive, portable, and easy to use. I use it every time I do core exercises. I just grab it along with my pilates mat, lie down and begin. It's actually very relaxing. Most of the workouts I do with this ring are lying down. It makes it easy to workout in the morning when you can just lie back down and still get strong with this pilates ring :-)


Pilates Mat
This thick mat keeps your bones (knees, spine, elbows, etc.) cushioned during crunches and other mat exercises.

Non-slip Yoga socks
These socks help your feet stay warm during cold mornings. The non-slip grips help your feet stay gripped to your mat. And you can still let your toes spread out freely.

Non-slip Yoga gloves
Not only do these finger-less gloves keep your hands warmer during cool morning yoga workouts, but they also double as light weight-lifting gloves.

Foam Roller
Everyone should have a foam roller at home. Not just for massaging tight muscles. But for lying back on it, parallel to your spine, and stretching out your arms and tight chest muscles. I like to use this before every workout.

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