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Spread Your Toes

Friday, March 10, 2017

It was winter time, almost Christmas. Riding boots were all the rage. My friend comes over  for a visit and leaves her boots next to the front door. I hear zzzzzip and zzzip. Then she walks into the living room. Something catches my eye.

Rainbow feet with ten rainbow toes are padding around my living room floor. She is wearing those weird colorful toe socks from the 60s. But hey, if she likes them, then more power to her. I got her a couple extra pairs for Christmas that year.

Fun Toe socksLittle did I know I would be padding around with similar weird socks sometime in the future. But fast forward a few years back to the present. And it's all I wear now. I haven't treated myself to a rainbow pair yet, but black toe socks are my jam.

I used to always get that feeling after wearing socks all day, especially tights, where my toes are uncomfortably squished together. Getting the socks off at the end of the day was always such a relief. I never thought there was any other way.

Until I started wearing yoga toe socks. I notice how great my toes feel in those. No squishing. Just comfortably letting them spread out as needed. I wear those all day and my toes still feel totally free.

I realize that I can get plain black toe socks without any frills or rainbows. They feel like a dream. My shoes all fit me just the same as with regular socks. These socks are so comfortable, I even sleep with them on after putting on foot cream. This type of sock could also be helpful for people with bunions, as it allows the toes to spread out rather than pushing the big toe inward. I wear a women's 6 in shoes, and these Fun Toes socks fit me perfectly.

I do get a few comments or weird glances every now and then when people see me sans ankle boots (which is all the rage now) and these toe socks on. But I do think they will catch on. Beside, people have been wearing toe shoes more and more. Why not toe socks?

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