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Vacation-Inspired Dieting

Friday, January 19, 2018
Recently, I started to lose my drive to get fit. What is the point? My husband will still love me if I'm covered with flab. And of course, my kids will still love me. And of course, I'm willing to accept my imperfect self. So why bother? Well, yes, it's healthier to be fit. But at what cost? At the cost of waking up before dawn every morning, and therefore being a zombie all day?

I try to tell myself that if I "let myself go", I will have to spend money getting "big" clothes. And then bigger and bigger clothes the more I gain. So when would I stop gaining? At what point will enough be enough? It obviously has to stop somewhere. As much as I love to buy new clothes, we don't have a budget for a new wardrobe every few months. But still, saving money was not convincing enough for me to say no to the left over Christmas candy.

Then what could be good motivation for a stay-at-home mom to stay fit?

Daisy Ridley at DisneylandWe recently watched the new Star Wars (The Last Jedi). I noticed that Daisy Ridley, the character who plays Rey, had gained a few pounds since the previous Star Wars film (The Force Awakens). That makes some sense, since she is no longer a starving girl on Jakku, eating a quarter ration after a long day of physical exertion. Then I saw some posts online with pictures of her at Disneyland showing her in shorts. Some people were bashing her a little about the extra weight.

A couple weeks ago, my husband decided to take us all to Disneyland next month. That's when I found my inspiration to get fit. Not that I'm a movie star or that anyone would even notice me, but thinking of Daisy and the comments of her at Disneyland had reached me somehow. As far-fetched as this motivation was, I would take it. I wanted to get fit for our trip to Disneyland. Am I so worried about what people would say about me and my cellulitic thighs? Does anyone really even care? No, not really. But I needed a "reason" to get fit that was more than just to stay healthy or save money. I don't know if this reason is strong enough to really carry me through, but for now, I'll take it.

However far-fetched this reason may be, it really isn't. I remember long ago, a coworker of mine was always struggling to lose weight. He would go off and on diets constantly. Finally, he pulled through. He gave it his all and got in shape. His motivation was for their trip to the Bahamas. No, I get that. That's way more than Disneyland. Hanging around the poolside with nothing but your swimsuit on, you want to look decent.

But for me in Disneyland, I picture myself with shorts on. Shorts are really hard for me to wear these days. It seems most of my fat settles in my thighs. Last summer, I circumvented the problem by wearing dresses all the time. I don't know if I can get on and off rides with a dress on, so I really wanted to wear shorts at Disneyland. What about Bermuda shorts? I don't know, I used to be all about Bermuda shorts when I had to do a mommy-and-me gym class with my toddlers. But now, I really don't feel cute in them at all. I feel like they make me look short and stubby. They seem to visually cut the legs in two, making them seem shorter.

For the time being, Disneyland is my motivation to get fit. I'll keep that until a better and stronger reason comes along. Maybe planning a vacation is a sure fire way to motivate yourself to get fit! 

Update 1/22/2018

Women's SkortI don't think this Disneyland diet is going to work. Since I've started it, I've actually gained weight. Maybe I figure, if Daisy can walk around Disneyland looking a little healthy, then so can I! Or maybe I just don't care enough about it. The surge of serotonin that I get from eating that pineapple cake I just made is much more gratifying than seeing myself really fit. I don't think I will ever totally get rid of the cellulite. I was just hoping to be able to wear shorts without them binding around my thighs so tightly. I might have to invest in some of those skirts that have attached shorts underneath. Skort?

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