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Wake up, Work out

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Dog wakes me up in the morningI woke up this morning at my usual 6am. Without the alarm clock Santa forgot to give me, I try to rely on my natural body clock. This time, our dog barked me awake at just about 6. She must've caught sight of that mountain gopher scuttling about outside the window. After I let the dog out and fed her, I trudged over to the living room to begin my workout.

I began by rollin' with my foamie because my pecs felt sore and tight from doing pushups with the kids the other day. Next, I robotically got on my stationary incumbent bike because today is cardio day. Lately, I've been shooting for 300 calories or more (that is about 7.5 miles, according to the bike). I know, not much. But I've been out of practice, and I'm still trying to get over the wimp hump.

Today, I barely burned 200 calories. The whole time I was struggling. I didn't break a sweat, like I usually do when I am able to push myself to 300. But I gave it all I had, which wasn't much this morning, for some reason.

That's okay, though. I realize some days will be like that. And it is more important to go through the motions on those days, even if I don't accomplish as much as I would like. At least I stuck to the plan of working out. I'm hoping to develop some "muscle memory" here, and establish a good habit of working out without thinking about it, dreading it, or having to always force myself to do it. 

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