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Workout Leggings with Cell Phone Pockets

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Munvot Yoga Workout Leggings PantsLately, I've been trying to get more exercise. I had to lose my mamma fat which I had held on to for far too long. I got so used to eating as fast as I could just so that I get a meal in. I've eaten too many of my kids leftovers in addition to my own meal. I've resorted to wearing skirts and dresses because I can't fit into my jeans or look decent in shorts.

So this summer, I decided I would go on more dog walks and actually start hiking again after so many years. First things first, I needed workout clothes. I found that I really like workout pants that have pockets that fit my cell phone. When walking the dog, I only carry a cell phone. The dog carries her own poop bags on her collar. I usually use two hands to handle the dog, so having a pocket that is big and deep enough to fit my cell phone is a really big help.

Thoughtful as he is, my husband got me these Munvot workout leggings online. They are perfect for walking the dog and hiking on cooler days, when you need longer pants. They have a big Samsung Galaxy S7 sized pocket on each side. They are comfy and fit great. Also, they were a lot cheaper than most places that sell workout pants.

Slideshow of my Munvot Workout Pants

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