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Yoga Socks and Gloves

Friday, March 03, 2017

Morning yoga and exercises may be the last frontier where I can experience peace and solitude without the pitter patter chitter chatter of little munchkins. It is a time to enjoy the silence, listen to my thoughts, and do some self-care. I wake up as early as I can tolerate, while the kids are still at least in REM sleep.

But the living room is cold and puts a damper on the peaceful solitude. I turn up the house heat, but my feet are still cold. I put on some socks, get on my yoga mat, and go into downward dog. My feet start slipping. I'm sliding into flat dog. My socks are off, and they're sticking to my mat. Sigh... better crank up the heat even higher.

One day, I go online and find the weirdest-looking things that I would be totally embarrassed to be seen in. Yoga socks with non-slip grips at the bottom. With grippies for each toe! I order them, and they are here in two days. I may not look as tough during the warrior poses with pink grippy toe socks, but I'm warm and my triangle pose stays triangular.

Not long after several warm-toes-yoga routines, a new problem started to arise... I was foam rolling on the living room floor and my hands got so cold. I put on my weight lifting gloves and and felt more comfortable. But when it came time for downward dog, I quickly found the weight-lifting gloves sliding off the mat. So needless to say, I found non-skid yoga gloves that double as dumbell gloves for me. And now, hands and feet are all cozy during cold morning yogalates.

I did add one trick with these yoga socks and gloves for a little self-pampering. Right before donning the socks and gloves, I put on a little lotion to seal in the moisture. Namaste.

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