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Things, Life, What-not

On the schoolbus:

"Howz it going!?", Ted sits down right beside Samantha.

"How's what going?" Samantha, clearly annoyed by this total nerd.

"You know, things... life... what-not...." He continues to play it cool, even though he has no chance.

"Life is not what-not, and it's also none of your business." Sorry Ted, better luck next time.

- Sixteen Candles

What I end up doing


What I should do

What I need to do

What I want to do

What I actually end up doing

I woke up this morning with a ton of things running through my mind. Things that need to get done, like laundry, putting things away, going to the grocery store. Then a secondary wave of ideas went through my head. Things I really should do in order to feel like I am a good mom. I really should be doing some of those arts and craft kits with the kids, or playing with them with their new Christmas toys. Oh, and taking them out to the park.

Already overwhelmed with all these thoughts, I realized that there are things that I would like to do for myself. Because I am a person aside from being a cleaning, cooking, and care-taking machine. I would like to get my hair cut and my nails done.

But alas, as I place the last roll of toilet paper on the holder, I know what I have to do today. The grocery store can wait no longer. We are running out of everything. And second to that would be laundry because last night, I used my last set of clean pajamas.

But first things first, I must whip up a batch of those Krusteaz blueberry muffins. I've had a couple of boxes sitting in my pantry waiting for the right moment to steal the show. And today is the day. There is nothing like freshly baked blueberry muffins on a heavily weighed down morning.

I quickly line the muffin pan with paper baking cups, dump the eggs, oil, water, and muffin mix into a bowl. Give it a few swirls and gently "fold" in the blueberries. I fill the muffin cups, and into the oven they go. About 5 minutes of prep time is no skin off my back.

16 minutes later...

I pull the muffins out of the oven, and get a waft of the warm smell of sweet vanilla sponge and blueberries. Oh, this is almost enough to makeup for all the stressful thoughts this morning.

After letting them set for a few minutes, I go for it. I cut a muffin open and butter it. Yes, I think I do deserve butter this morning. I bite through the perfect golden brown crust on top and into the fluffy sponge in the middle. It's still a little hot, but the burst of blueberry comes through along with a burst of serotonin. This was it, the antidote to my worried state of mind. I suddenly forget about my whole to-do list as I get up to butter another muffin.

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