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26 Weeks Along

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So far so good, still. About 26 weeks along now. Still have insomnia many nights, as I've had since the first trimester. That's the worst part, so far. Other than still having to carry Bel on top of being pregnant. I've seen many women do it all the way up to their last month, but I guess I'm a wimp.

Several of my friends (mommies' of Bel's friends) are getting pregnant, too! It'll be fun having play dates with double the amount of kiddos!

We finally started working on the nursery. We bought all the room decor and are going to paint it soon. 

I've started putting together my baby registry. Most of everything we still have from when Bel was a baby. And getting hand-me-downs from a friend with an older baby boy. So this time around, I'm not too worried about what to get.

Also, planning on doing a 4-D Ultrasound again. Can't wait. It'll be so much fun to see his face! 

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