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Baby #2 on the Way

Saturday, June 11, 2011

19 months after giving birth to our first child, my belly still seemed big. I looked around at other mothers, and their stomachs seemed to shrink to proportionate sizes, but not mine. The skinny women had flat stomachs, and the more rounded women were proportionately rounded. As for me, I started looking in the maternity section in stores, just to get something to fit my tiny body and big stomach.

I started to wonder if I had a stomach virus or bacteria. I was getting nauseated after breakfast. Then when that passed, I started having terrible constipation. I wondered if I had colon cancer or something. I finally decided to take a pregnancy test, just to rule it out. And thankfully, that was it!

So Baby #2 is on the way, and we are all very excited. First ultrasound is next week. We'll see how far along I am. 

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