Here are some Christian romance books I've read and enjoyed.

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Christian & Historical Romance books

I admit, I do enjoy reading romance books from time to time. But these Christian romance books are clean, hold to morals, and even include some historical facts about different periods. I also love period books, movies, and shows. There is something romantic about the days of old.

Lady of Milkweed Manor

Lady of Milkweed Manor was written by Julie Klassen. This book was interesting. It was a very sweet story set in the time when wet nurses were often hired by the wealthy. It explained historical information about wet nurses that I never knew, such as the selection process, their place in society, and other interesting background.

Daughters of Boston book series

I loved the Daughters of Boston books by Julie Lessman. There are 3 books in the series and 3 daughters. Each book is about each daughter finding their true love. I thought they were nicely written stories that gave each daughter her own personality, different than the rest, which is often how it turns out with daughters. Each daughter had their own trials and tribulations to encounter on their road to finding "the one". It is also set in a historical time and includes interesting details about that time period.

California Historical Series

You might have noticed by now how much I love book series. When I like a book, I love to read continuations of the story. I would read this California Historical Series over and over again. Although the Bittersweet book made me crave chocolate all the time. I liked it so much I might even read other books by Cathy Marie Hake. This 2-book series is set in historical days where the dresses were long, and chocolate was a rare treat. Written with Christian values, these books help you to remember your morals during your search for true love.

Ladies of Liberty series

The Ladies of Liberty series by Tracie Peterson are set in the days when women did not have as many opportunities. It is interesting to read about how strong women of that era struggled to find their place in society at the same time as finding someone special to settle down with.

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